GRE Report: The Historic Position is Harmful

Affirming scholars point to the hermeneutical principle of considering the good, or the harm, that is caused by different interpretations. Affirming scholars would argue that the interpretation of Romans 1 and other passages given in the CRC Synod’s 1973 Report (i.e. that same-sex inclination is not a creational variant but is a result of the Fall, and that all same-sex behavior including life-long committed relationships are forbidden) causes harm.

Dr. Cooper’s response to this point in the Grand Rapids East report:

Experience that runs counter to Scripture could be a reason for reconsidering what the Bible teaches.  But if Scripture teaches traditional Christian sexual boundaries, then people who disagree are simply mistaken and self-deceived even though they sincerely believe that the perceived benefits of such behavior indicate God’s approval.  The GRE Report has not made a plausible Reformed case that Scripture is unclear or misunderstood, and it does not take account of possibly mistaken self-evaluation.  Thus its appeal to the testimony of Christians in same-sex relationships carries no weight against the traditional view.

What do you think about these two views?

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